“Jennifer has been great to work with. Her positive and driving personality is one of her best traits. She tirelessly and with success, promotes the hell out of shows she is involved with. I plan on working with her for Psych Fest #3 this year too! We tripled in attendance from last year.” – Alex Maas & Christian Bland, The Black Angels & Austin Psych Fest

“On behalf of everybody involved with Psych Fest I want to thank her for everything Jennifer and her company has done for us. Since we started with the first Psych Fest she was interested and excited about joining the team. With her help the festival has become more and more successful each year. As it continues to grow and its reputation spreads across the globe it is comforting to know that someone who is sincere and down to earth will be behind the PR. We could not have asked for a better public reputation then the one she’s helped us achieve. Thank you Jen for all of your time and energy! I would highly recommend her and Bleu French Laundry as a publicist to anybody that is in the industry. Psych Fest would not have the outstanding reputation it has without her! We thank her so much for everything she does!” – Adam Demetri, Producer/Director, Austin Psych Fest, Live Music Capitol, The Capitol Production

“Jennifer’s contribution as publicist for Psych Fest #1 in 2008 and Psych Fest #2 in 2009 proved her to be a very talented individual and a great asset.  As we moved to a 3 day festival in 2009, we knew we would have to make a lot of changes, but one easy decision for the group to make was to continue to have Jen as the festival publicist. Her skill as a writer, attention to detail, tireless work ethic and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with.  Jen created materials to promote the event and put together interviews, write-ups and other publicity spots with local, regional and national media outlets.” – Rob Fitzpatrick, Austin Psych Fest

“Anybody and everybody:
This is from
George Kinney, founder and writer for The Golden Dawn. Jennifer Bleu is one talented booking person. She understands the music business better than just about anyone I can think of. The last gig we worked together on, she took care of everything. She is accessible and smart. She knows how important it is to take care of details that otherwise might be a huge burden on the band or performer for a particular gig. She is hands on and works very hard to make any gig she’s working on come out with the best possible results. I really like her and look forward to working with her again soon.”

“Jen Marchand has been consistent and prompt with her duties as Publicist and Promoter. No wishy washy, flaky and ‘nothing but talk’ here. We can always count on her to get the word out while on the road and set up interviews with local and international newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Amplified Heat is grateful and thankful for her work.”-Chris Ortiz, Amplified Heat

“Bleu French Laundry is a top-shelf operation with a bunch of heart-centered creativity… and passion! The two Birthday parties for my mom Evelyn were beautifully promoted with well-written and soundly distributed Press Releases. And the ’67 Hoot Night benefiting my brother Roky’s Trust was totally superb! As was the John Lennon Hoot Night that my band The Texcentrics was blessed to play on. First Class all the way!” -Sumner Erickson

“Jennifer Marchand. What can I say? This woman has been a lifesaver for us…We first worked with her when we due to arrive in Austin for Sky to do a record-signing & then to headline Psych Fest in March of 2009. She set up the record-signing at Antone’s Record Shop & took care of all those details. All we had to do was just show up. Jennifer was the publicist for Psych Fest & she was amazing. She kept in touch with us & kept us in the loop, & did an amazing job with the promotions & taking care of all the artists. She made sure we knew where to be and when & she checked in on us throughout the night at Psych Fest to make sure we had everything we needed. We just fell in love with her & her professionalism & her attention to detail. We really needed a publicist to help us in Sky’s career. Once we had an agreement, Jennifer hit the ground running and well…has never stopped running. She started getting the news out that Sky was working on projects & an upcoming tour & she was regularly in touch with me on a daily basis. Then, the horrible news came that Sky had taken ill & she immediately pulled together a beautiful press release & got that out for me & was just my rock through Sky’s illness & his passing on June 25, 2009. She at that point stepped up & offered to plan the memorial here in Austin for Sky & she has worked with me every step of the way to ensure the correct information was getting out to the media & that all details were taken care of. Jennifer is an amazing publicist who brings to her work professionalism & attention to detail as well as being charming, calm & diplomatic at her job. Anyone who hires Jennifer can be assured they will be more than satisfied with her performance. She truly goes above & beyond expectations.”-Sabrina Saxon, Wife & Business Manager for the late Sky Sunlight Saxon

“Jennifer has always shared an obsession with music, like the musicians she works with. She’s given Austin some of it’s most excellent and inspiring shows, just in the last 5 years, and is one of the last instances where the business and creativity of rock and roll connect.” -JoDee Purkeypile, The Alice Rose

“Jen is super cool to work with. She put together some of the best shows for us in Austin with some of the coolest bands and did wonders for us in the local press as well (getting us numerous reviews and mentions in the Austin Chronicle). We will continue to work with her long into the future.” -Franklin Morris,  Murdocks

“If you haven’t experienced Jennifer’s hard work and dedication, you should. When it comes to promotion, she is tireless and relentless! She has great taste as well…truly a sweet person to work with.” -Jon Sanchez, The Summer Wardrobe

“Jennifer puts on the greatest shows.  Her attention to detail and her ability to take a show’s theme to its full potential is simply unmatched in the Austin music scene.  She’s also a terrific and tireless promoter and will stop at nothing to help the bands she loves.  And if all that wasn’t enough, she also has a bitchin’ Stones tattoo.” -Joel Mullins, The Deaf Ears, formerly w/ Tammany Hall Machine

“Jennifer was hired by myself during the construction phase of the current location in south Austin. She literally helped us to rebuild the café venue from the ground up. During those years, the business experienced a profound growth both in revenue and capacity due in large part to the efforts of Ms. Marchand and her relentless publicizing, promoting, booking and collaborating. Jennifer has a tremendous work ethic, both as a service provider and as a team leader. Her ability to collaborate with multiple personalities with divergent agendas and priorities speaks to her capacity for change and flexibility. An employee who can think outside of the box.”-Ali Ronder, Manager, Ruta Maya HQ, Austin, Texas

“Bleu French Laundry has booked shows for Sahara Lounge for over two years. Jennifer Marchand has successfully organized several large events fundraising for The Alzheimers Association that came off flawlessly and were very well promoted. In addition she has booked Wednesday nights at Sahara and taken what was a slow night and built it into something more substantial. Jennifer is well organized, respects deadlines and has a gift and a drive for promotion. I highly recommend Jennifer and Bleu French Laundry.” -Eileen Bristol, Owner & Manager, Sahara Lounge, Austin, Texas

“I have worked with Jennifer Marchand of Bleu French Laundry for over two years. She is an extremely hard worker who pays great attention to detail. She always does a great job with the press releases, getting coverage in all the major media outlets.” -Topaz McGarrigle, Owner, Sahara Lounge, Austin, Texas

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