Bleu French Laundry Productions is promoting force Austin-based Jennifer Marchand. Bleu French Laundry serves music mecca Austin, Texas as publicist for live music events & bands, promoter for special events and fundraisers, as well as live music producer. Specializing in good vibrations, Bleu French Laundry is on soul-stirring assignment to get the buzz out on select live bands & keep them buzzing.  Look for Marchand’s work in band interviews & features on radio programs, television broadcasts, entertainment weeklies, music magazines, as well as their online counterparts; independent music scene websites and social media; in posters on bulletin boards & windows of the peoples’ coffeehouses & venues. With an eye on the modernization of promotion, Marchand dedicates herself to exploring new ways to get the word out without abandoning the grassroots effort. Further in the grassroots vein, Bleu French Laundry Productions is inspired by not only the golden eras of  modern music, but the roots, & continuously seeks creative ways to keep those eras valid & alive while supporting the current flow of talent. 


– BFL supports non-profits! –

Bleu French Laundry emerges after a hiatus to bring you more non-profit fundraisers in Central Texas. With the music world reeling from the loss of the late great drummer Charlie Watts, Bleu French Laundry gathers together 18 signature local bands to pay homage to the enduring legacy of rock pioneers The Rolling Stones and Charlie Wattsindelible mark in rocknroll history. “’I Know It’s Only Rocknroll (But I Like It)’ Stones Hoot Rock Out for Charlie” goes up mid-holidays Saturday, December 4th, 2021 at the legendary South Austin music venue The Continental Club, benefitting The Alzheimer’s Association in research. This destination event will feature regional southern rock, punk, country, surf, soul, blues, pub rock, budget rock, boogie blues rock bands covering decades of The Stones’ exciting catalogue with their signature local twists in the longstanding Austin hoot night tradition. Starting you up: RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS, THE DEL-VIPERS, GENTLEMEN ROGUES, FRANKIE NOWHERE & THE OXYS (Flash Boys, Bulemics, Danny B Harvey), JAMEY SIMMS featuring CHRIS GATES & GATESVILLE, ENGLISH TEETH w/ Special Guest, CROCODILE TEARS, MOTEL BALL BAND, MILES ZUNIGA & SCRAPPY JUD NEWCOMB (Ian McLagan, Fastball, Resentments), KEVIN MCKINNEY (Soulhat), THE SIDESHOW TRAGEDY, MEAGAN TUBB, NIC ARMSTRONG & THE THIEVES, SILO ROAD, JO JAMES, NICK ALLISON & THE PLAYERS LOUNGE, THE BURNALLS, MATT HUBBARD TRIO. The first week of December marks multiple anniversaries in Stones’ discography, being just over 50 years that “December’s Children (And Everybody’s)”, “Their Satanic Majesties Request”, “Beggars Banquet”, & “Let It Bleed” were released, and now celebrated with multiple performances of select songs from these albums being performed at the rock out. Doors at 7:30pm, showtime 8:30pm. Cover is $10, benefitting The Alzheimer’s Association in research. Further donation earns you your halo. Donate by Venmo available at show. NO ADVANCED TIX. Sponsored by KLBJ.

Stones Hoot 2021 ATX_small


Bleu French Laundry brings you a special non-profit fundraiser in Central Texas. Mark your dance cards as a honky tonk barn-burner affair takes center stage at South Congress mainstay The Continental Club in Austin, Texas when Bleu French Laundry presents “Walkin’ the Backroads” Honky Tonk Two-Step Out on October 15th, 2015 to benefit The Alzheimer’s Association in research. The night features legendary Texas swingabilly treasure TWO TONS OF STEEL as they continue to push roots boundaries for over 20 years, WELDON HENSON’s original modern uptakes of classic country, the dauntless alt country wiles of CARSON MCHONE, & the emerging country rock croonings of Mr CHRIS KING. The artists will include a tribute to the great Glen Campbell, as he enters stage 6 of 7 in Alzheimer’s. Campbell covers include “Gentle On My Mind”, “One Last Time”, & “Try a Little Kindness”. The Continental’s pool room will serve as silent auction central featuring items up for bid by generous local sponsors: Austin Vintage Guitars, Antone’s Record Shop, True Blue Tattoo, Counter Culture, Avenue Barbershop, Feathers Boutique, Lucy’s Fried Chicken, New Brohemia, Classic Rock Couture, Modesty Hair Studio, along with a chance for fans to win a lunch date with WELDON HENSON! It all begins at 8:30pm, goes til 2am. $15 cover – further donation earns you your halo. Sponsored by the good people at Austin Chronicle & FOX 7 Good Day Austin. Check out the amazing recent documentary on Glen Campbell’s last tour & Alzheimer’s diagnosis called “I’ll Be Me” here




– The Sahara Lounge –

Bleu French Laundry booked Wednesday evenings, as well as select special events, in Austin, Texas, at The Sahara Lounge in Far East Austin, for over 3 years. The Sahara Lounge is the former home of TC’s blues club, & Lincoln Drive-In juke joint, located in the Hogpen neighborhood since 1962. Bleu French Laundry booked various acts including country rock, cosmic country, psych, folk rock, garage, rocknroll, rockabilly, honky tonk, americana, country western, blues rock, & pop rock weekly.




Un-official SXSW 2015 is coming!!!

A Country Western Honky Tonk Revue is on the books for March 18th, 2015 at The Sahara Lounge in Far East Austin, Texas. Bleu French Laundry Presents ‘Kickin Our Hearts Around’ Country Western Un-official SXSW BBQ, featuring beloved regional acts from Central Texas & Nashville, Tennessee. This one-off includes the talents of TWO TONS OF STEEL (San Antonio), Leo Rondeau (ATX), Cale Tyson (Nashville), Robert Banta & The Fantastic Four (ATX), Mayeux & Broussard (ATX), Luke Bell (Nashville). Kicks off at 7pm. Come early for free BBQ!



Elijah Ford


Bleu French Laundry Presents FREE WEEK 2015!

Original homegrown rocknroll takes center stage at The Sahara Lounge in Far East Austin, Texas come Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 for the legendary local Free Week. BFL presents five solid gems for regional music lovers to unearth during this, the first week of the New Year. This stand alone showcase will feature artists in hot pursuit of their rocknroll dreams, kick off at 7pm, be free to the public, sponsored by KLBJ, & include the talent of Elijah Ford & The Bloom, Nic Armstrong & The Thieves, The Sweet Nuthin’, Danny B Harvey w/ Annie Marie Lewis, The Rotten Mangos.


— Austin Psych Fest (Levitation) —

Jennifer Marchand proudly held the role as publicist for Austin Psych Fest (currently known as Levitation) in the birthplace of psychedelic rocknroll, Austin, Texas. After helping to successfully launch the first 2 years of APF, Bleu French Laundry decided to take a pr hiatus. Here’s the latest on APF: Austin Psych Fest will be in it’s 6th technicolour year in 2013 & already the plans for APF are looking over-stimulating. Look for waking dreams of even bigger acts & multi-stage presentations, with an expanding national & international flow of psych music lovers at the happening. The 6th Annual Austin Psych Fest stands on the books as a destination event in late April 2013. 

Levitation has launched it’s new official website! You can find it here: https://levitation-austin.com/

“Psych Fest 2 Annihilates This Weekend – This year’s lineup is a cross-reference of pretty much every modern sound that could possibly fall under the “psychedelic” banner, throwing together blown-out futurism, drug-mellowed West Coast fuzz, classic Vietnam-flashback drone, synth freakiness, and jangly reverberations of Austin’s own into one altogether intimidating package.”
– The Austinist

“The daylong happening elicited the high baptismal glow of the bygone Vulcan Gas Company. The Black Angels’ Psych Fest captures the essence of communal exaltation, channeling original artifacts from the psychedelic era.”
– Austin Powell, The Austin Chronicle

“Austin’s third eye opened for the second time around noon on March 8, when the Red Barn unlocked its doors of perception for Psych Fest #1. Ground zero for Austin’s post-millenial psychedelia.
…the number of big touring acts suggests it’s even making a bid to stand shoulder to shoulder with other annual festivals like ACL & Fun Fun Fun.”
– Sean O’Neal, The Onion

“One hell of an event…We might just be looking more forward to this than SXSW!”
Doug Freeman, Austin Sound

“[Austin Psych] Fest hosted by Austin’s guardian Angels of psych.”
– Joe Gross, Austin-American Statesman

“When you live in a town that greets you with a sign at the airport ‘Welcome to Austin, TX: The Live Music Capitol Of The World’ and there’s an approximate 50 music fests per year and at least 150 operating music venues per night excluding sushi joints, vintage shops, backyard BBQ’s and grocery stores you tend to get a little lazy, even complacent about getting out to see live music. Not such the case when it comes to the annual Austin Psych Fest.”
– Victoria Renard, Portable Shrines


Lower Heaven (Los Angeles, CA) at Austin Psych Fest #2


The Vandelles (Brooklyn, NY) at Austin Psych Fest #2



— Sky Sunlight Saxon —

Bleu French Laundry Promotions proudly served as publicist for the late legendary rock icon Sky Sunlight Saxon of ’60s flower power garage rock group The Seeds. It was only Spring 2009 that Jennifer met & began representing Sky, when quite suddenly he grew ill & passed away on June 25th, 2009, in Austin, Texas, God rest his soul. Sky had many projects in the works that will undoubtedly still be completed & released in the coming monthes if not years due to his wealth of creative material left behind.

One of which is a documentary about his legendary band The Seeds in production. The documentary chronicles the band’s activities with exclusive interviews with all original members, & rare never-before-seen footage of the band live & in session. The project is spear-headed by Alec Palao of Ace Records U.K. (The Zombies’ box set “Zombie Heaven”) –

“Part of the impetus for the Seeds documentary is to correct a lot of the misperceptions about the band,” explains documentary-maker Alec Palao, “and to properly state their role and achievements, and celebrate their music for what it is.

The band were way ahead of their time, which I realize more and more as I go thru the nuts and bolts of their recordings. Due to various circumstances beyond the band’s control, the original integrity of what the band was doing got lumped in with the worst commercial hype of the psychedelic scene as it expanded. Ultimately it means that the hipsters and tastemakers got turned off by the hype, and those prejudices have remained with all the commentators and writers ever since. So The Doors remain hip and leaders and The Seeds are seen as commercial hippies, followers, or not even an authentic part of the initial movement, which of course is dead wrong. I’m doing my part to correct that!”

Please stay tuned on releases by the late great Sky Sunlight Saxon http://www.skysaxon.com

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